This Steampunk movie is so 1884

Have you ever wondered what a Steampunk version of 19th century Europe would have looked and felt like?

Well, imagine a world in which the Continent is at war, man has already landed on the moon and steam-powered flying vehicles are the norm.

A retro sci-fi fantasy, 1884 will be directed by Tim Ollive, with the erudite Terry Gilliam serving as creative adviser.

According to Variety, the film mixes live-action puppets with CGI heads and actors filmed eyes and mouths.

In addition, backgrounds feature collages of miniatures, film, graphics and period photography.

“The quality of the work is amazing. [Sure], it’s not slick and sleek CG work, such as studios in L.A. particularly produce,” explained Gilliam.

“[Nevertheless], it looks crafted by an artisan, and the scale and design are spectacular.”

(Via Variety and ScreenRant)