This ruggedized PS3 is going to war

Talent serial modder Ben Heck has designed a ruggedized portable Playstation 3 for recreational use by US forces stationed in Afghanistan.

The modded PS3 is protected from the elements by a Pelican Storm casing that allows soldiers to carry the unit around like a large toolbox.

As expected, the battle-ready, yet tricked-out portable PS3 also features some sweet specs for downtime and extended R&R.

This baby is loaded with a 22″ LCD screen, integrated speakers, TV tuner, network switch and storage compartment.

According to Engadget, Heck’s ruggedized PS3 design has already inspired one company known as Rugged Outdoor Gaming Units, Etc.

Based in Afghanistan, R.O.G.U.E. is currently building similar hardcore gaming enclosures dubbed “PeliStations,” which it hopes to sell to soldiers in the early spring.