This Chrome Sagas FPS is so Cyberpunk

The Cybernetic Connection is currently designing a cyberpunk-themed FPS/RPG game that allows players to assume the role of four different classes – each with its own storyline.

“Chrome Sagas will be the first game of its kind, maintaining a first 
person perspective throughout. [There is also] a continuing timeline, so if your character dies, the events of the game continue,” explained Cybernetic CEO Jon Robbins.

“Just because you couldn’t finish a mission without getting killed, doesn’t mean the rest of the city should have to pay for your lack of skills. So be prepared, if you die and go back to try again, your target may well laugh in your face.”

So, what is the game about?

Well, in a society where information is the most valuable asset, corporations use every available resource to control the flow of data.  

The city political structure claims it’s free of any corporate influence, but citizens tell you that’s the craziest thing they’ve ever heard. 

For example, the local police force, trying to hold true to the motivation of Protect and Serve, occasionally has to respond to a corporation requesting assistance. And even though they know it’s their job, half the cops just take their time getting there, if they show up at all.

Really, the punks and hackers are the true protagonists of the game, as they attempt to halt the flow of money and influence between the corporations and the city officials – by means of both physical and electronic attacks.