There are 220 million game systems in US homes

The number of game consoles and handheld systems in the US now accounts for nearly three-fourths of the population, with 220 million devices connected across the country.

During its annual earning report, the number one video game retailer Gamestop cited numbers from industry tracker NPD Group. In addition to the 220 million figure, it noted that around 112 million current-gen systems have been sold.

Also, in 2009, Nintendo sales accounted for 23% of all non-used revenue for the retail chain. That includes not only hardware sales but also software sales, which is a market where several dozen publishers are competing. So 23% for one company is a considerable chunk. However, in 2008 Nintedo was even more formidable, taking a full 25% of Gamestop’s business.

The numbers they referenced from NPD broke down lifetime US sales for all current consoles, showing the DS way out on top at 38.6 million unites, followed by the Wii at 27.1 million units and the Xbox 360 and 18.6 million.

Sony came in at the bottom with 16.8 million PSPs and 11.1 million PS3s sold.