The world’s first AR + blockchain live-action game The Rose to be rolled out online

By searching and downloading The Rose, players will randomly receive their own rose seeds. They can then create a unique collection of roses for their significant other after watering, keeping a diary of how they nurtured and cared for the plants, bringing the individual roses together to form a unique bouquet and then storing the bouquet on the blockchain as perpetual assets. The flowers can be either sold as valuable assets, or given to others as a testament of love. The time, location and message accompanying the gift of the flowers will be stored in perpetuity on the blockchain, creating everlasting memories that will remain for 10, 15, even 50 years or more. The flowers can be displayed in 3D on mobile phones via VR or holographic technology.

Each rose is genetically unique. What attracts players is the process of cultivating flowers for their loved one, which can be stored in perpetuity on the blockchain. The Rose also acts as a valuable testament of love. The developers of the game call this expression of affection the Proof of Love, enabling each player to spend time and effort in proving the feelings they have for that special person.

Cui Tianlong, CEO of Baofeng Nova Co., Ltd. and chief designer of The Rose, said: “We aim to leverage blockchain technology by developing uniquely creative apps based on the blockchain that give each player eager to express how they feel about their significant other a novel and unprecedented experience as a form of gameplay.”

For information, please visit the website:, or the official Facebook/Twitter/YouTube accounts: “”.

What is The Rose?

The Rose is an AR planting game based on the BFC blockchain system. Players can buy rose seeds, and by watering them and keeping a diary every day persistently, cultivate rare and special roses for loved ones. All roses can be displayed on mobile phones in AR view of 3D panoramas. Roses in the game can be traded, or given as gifts of love. In addition, the diaries you write during the cultivation, the times and places you give away the flowers, and the messages you leave for the recipients, will all be recorded permanently on our blockchain, and become a long-lasting memory for decades.

The more time and effort the grower pays, the more he/she will be likely to harvest rare roses. In comparison with simply buying flowers, more emphasis is put on the investment of time and effort, that’s why we named this way of expressing love POL – Proof of Love, so let’s take the time and effort to prove our love!