The newest video game controller: your lips (and tongue)

Move aside, Kinect. You’re old news, Wii Remote. PlayStation Move, you ain’t got nothing on this. The latest video game concept has perhaps the most unique control mechanism ever seen – games that can be controlled by a human’s kiss.

You know how everyone thinks gamers are just people sitting in a dark closet by themselves? Well, not with this controller. It actually requires two people – one who wears a special headset, and another who kisses said headset-wearer.

The person who kisses then activates something on the headset. So far, the concept is being used in a bowling video game in which the movement of tongue corresponds to how fast the ball rolls and the ability to keep in the same kissing position ensures the ball rolls straight.

Clearly, this is just a concept at this point. And it’s quite an unusual concept at that.

It’s just too bad it was a bit too late for Valentine’s Day. But hey, there’s always next year, because nothing says “I love you” like a systematically placed, and 100% controlled kiss.

Hmmm…maybe this is one idea that’s best left to the researchers. Would this really be something that could catch on?