The Growing Popularity of Mobile Gaming and its Trend

In 2017, mobile games have gained a lot of traction due to the revenue it generates. All kind of gaming consoles from Microsoft to Sony is growing at a rapid pace, and of this is welcomed by enthusiasts and avid gamers.

From the popularity of online and mobile casinos to 3D gaming all types of games are seen in top apps in the App stores of Android and iOS. The total revenue estimated in the year 2018 is about $45 billion, and it will surely grow up in years to come.

For example, the casino games online are a genre that many people like who love gambling. It became popular due to many reasons like you don’t have to wait, you don’t have to look for a vacation. And these games also have age limits and many online gambling casino sites allow age above 21 years. The growing trend of online gaming and virtual gaming has ensured this genre of game to be one of the most popular online gaming in this industry.

The biggest player of the industry is from Asia as it covers almost 50% of its revenue it generates. The industry analyst has said that this trend of high interest in gaming sector will flourish for many years as mobile market is growing at a rapid speed.

Many game development companies and shareholders of these enterprises have appreciated mobile game players about this enormous market share with gaming consoles and online gaming firms. Be it an Android or iOS both mobile platforms have earned significant revenue, and in comparison, iOS developers who make more than Android developers are looking for ways to generate more income with freemium type download models.

Not only Asia, North America, and Europe also have a major part to play in the global trend. Some of the reports from the mobile world also showcase that more than 40% revenue generated in mobile commerce is due to gaming section. The excitement of e-sports, HTML5 mobile gaming, multi-screen gaming and finally games based on TV are pretty high in demand. It seems that top companies will have to fight hard as small time businesses are focusing on mobile games with newer technologies.

Anyhow with all of this going around the gaming industry, the market looks promising, and the expected market share will rise in upcoming years.

So, if you are not into mobile gaming, you are surely missing things. My advice is to put your money inside mobile gaming market. You can either buy shares of favorite mobile gaming companies from around the world, or you can develop a new game by learning new skills.

Making a mobile game is not that hard by the way, and it only requires your time with learning coding and a concept. This is a very lucrative field for new technology enthusiast and college going kids. It promises lots of scope in developing new games with straightforward and minimal effects. Check our post from our archive which let you learn to code from home.

Another super way to make money from gaming market is to hover onto a freelancing website where you can give a project of gaming to a freelancer or an agency that can develop a game for you. But here you need to have a good amount of initial money to spend, and you should have a solid idea of what game you want to play. Since the launch of games like Subway Surfer, Candy Crush, and Farmville.

You must have seen too many mobile games in the same genre, and with a little promotion in social media, you can get started. A quality game can still become a hit if it reaches the top of any App store.

That’s about it. I know there is a lot more to say in the mobile gaming sector and I would probably make another post with more details and real life examples. Until then Enjoy and keep reading.