Teenagers hate their parents…On Facebook

Are you the parent of an angry teenager who dresses in black, listens to the Cure and thinks Homo sapiens have outgrown their use?

Well, swallow that handful of ‘ludes and brace yourself for some shocking news: little Trent and Raven don’t want you following them on Facebook!

Yes, that’s right.

According to EMarketer, a majority of younger teens reportedly hate it or feel annoyed and nervous when their parents are on the same social network.

And no more than one-fifth of teens in any age group actually like having their (overbearing) parents in their network.

However, once parents do show up on a social site of choice, teens are generally willing to open up. 

Surprisingly, more than half of (possibly stoned) surveyed high school students granted their parents full access to their social profiles.

“In a Facebook era, the online arena serves as a new channel for parents to keep tabs on what and how their kids are doing, and it’s notable that a sizable percentage of today’s teens seem comfortable with that dynamic,” explained Justin Serrano, senior VP of Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions.

“But for the most part, the parent-teen online relationship is still relatively uncharted territory. What we’re seeing is that parents are increasingly expressing interest in being able to monitor their kids’ progress online, and teens are adjusting to this in different ways.”