Super Street Fighter IV 3D is 3DS’s first million-seller

Arguably the most prominent launch title for the Nintendo 3DS has reached one million units in sales.

Super Street Fighter IV has become the first game on the new handheld to reach that milestone, claims publisher Capcom. Without the presence of a recognizable Nintendo icon on the launch docket, the hugely popular fighting game series attracted most of the attention among the numerous 3DS titles.

The 3DS launched on March 27 in the US, and had already been released in Europe and Japan at that time. It took the US to catapult a title to the million-sales milestone, though.

Capcom said the 3D graphics in the game “have received high praise from users and have successfully expanded the audience for our fighting games.”

Nintendo’s biggest releases for the 3DS included Nintendogs + Cats, though third-party publishers reportedly pressured it to avoid putting out a Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, or equally recognizable franchise on the slate because such a game would instantly become the best seller.