Super bowl champ Drew Brees to hit Madden NFL 11 cover

Drew Brees became the face of one of the most important Super Bowl victories ever when the New Orleans Saints were crowned victorious, and now that face will hit one of the most important video game box covers.

EA Sports has announced that Brees will be the “cover athlete” of Madden NFL 11. It is one of the most coveted designations in the sports world, even though many selected athletes later face misfortune in their personal lives which has coined the so-called “Madden Curse.”

It would be difficult to dampen the spirit of Brees, though, after he pulled his team to its first Super Bowl victory ever, 5 years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their hometown.

Brees called the honor of being the face of the new Madden game “a great way to cap off an amazing year.”

As for the Madden curse, Brees said in a Forbes article, “Destiny is stronger than any curse, and this team is destined for great things.”