Sultry Chapman ditches spy business for politics

The sultry Anna Chapman has managed to snag a much-coveted spot on the public council of the Russian government’s Molodaya Gvardiya (Young Guard).

Indeed, during a recent so-called “motivational speech,” Chapman called for a better, more positive outlook throughout Russia.

“We must transform the future, starting with ourselves,” she told the cheering onlookers.

”If every one of us was joyful, we could do something useful and new.”

Regarded as a criminal in the United States, Chapman was caught participating in a wannabe spy ring and deported by the government back in June.

Upon returning to Russia, Chapman ratcheted up her already spicy public persona by stripping for Maxim and attending the launch of the Soyuz spacecraft in Kazakhstan. 

She also met with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, was hired as a representative for the asset management firm FondsServiceBank, and received national honors from President Dmitry Medvedev at the Kremlin in October.

Clearly, Chapman – a.k.a. Anya Kushchenko – has become a national hero among the Russian people. 

From high profile to public office, the saucy former spy seems rather adept at  staying in the public eye both in Russia and around the world.

(Via BBC)