Stupid man tries to rob a store with a PS3 controller

File this one under things we never thought we’d put in a headline.

A man in St. Petersburg, Florida thought he could get away with robbing a convenience store if he made people think he had a gun.

Upon entering the store, 20-year-old Cameron Pittman had what police say was a Playstation controller stuffed in his pocket and tried to make employees think it was a firearm. We’re assuming it was a Playstation Move controller or some sort of accessory that actually would have looked like a pistol of some sort.

Then again, we like the image of an unmistakable Dual Shock controller bulge being passed off as a weapon of force.

It’s a story we can laugh about because the robbery never actually transpired and no one was injured. Pittman had apparently just robbed a nearby Subway and police were tipped off that he had entered the grocery store in question. They were able to enter the store while the attempted burglary was in process.

At that time, Cameron dropped the controller, revealing to all just how bad of a criminal he was.

Because he did not actually have a gun, Pittman will not face an armed robbery charge, but he will likely go to trial for “strong-arm robbery,” which means he used extreme force to commit the crime.

Pittman was also on probation so he will face charges for violating his probation as well.