StripGenerator: An example of ever changing web technology

Chicago (IL) – The Internet is changing the way in which artists, musicians and writers alike are able to conduct business and publicize their work. StripGenerator is an excellent example of how this changing technology gives writers an opportunity to share their comic musings with the world by creating their own comic strips.

StripGenerator is an online comic strip creator which allows users to create an original and unique comic strip. The site provides users with six different panels per strip, an original character set which includes objects, speech bubbles, human beings and shapes to be utilized by a simple drag and drop interface.

The creation of a comic strip couldn’t get much easier. Items are selected from the menu, and then dropped directly into the frame. Editing features allow for the scaling, rotation, the addition of colors, the ability to clone panels and much more.

Publication of your comic strips is optional. If you wish to publish your work, you can do so utilizing a direct link, BBcode or embed code for use wherever you might decide.

Users are not required to register for the site, but registered users receive access to their own personal gallery in addition to the ability to choose from more characters, and some additional options such as saving comic strips as blog entries and having the ability to add additional text information to them.

Websites such as this have completely altered the abilities of humans. 15 years ago it would not have been remotely possible for individuals who have a strong interest in the publication of a comic strip to make something like this happen. The likelihood of having work read by even a small audience in a local newspaper was slim to none. Today, the possibility is tremendous, as a simple blog posting of a strip results in the potential readership of a billion individuals over the web. And this is merely a beginning of technology such as this, as we are sure to see it grow and advance over the years, allowing the dreams of people to become seen by others more easily.