Street Fighter and Tekken combine for mouthwatering game

It seems since the dawn of arcade fighting games, there have been two people in this world: those who played Tekken and those who played Street Fighter. For the first time ever, these two worlds will collide with brand new video games.

It was unquestionably the biggest game-related announcement at last week’s Comic-Con show in San Diego, and it has filled the imagination of almost every die-hard fighting game enthusiast.

As part of the agreement between game publishers Namco (Tekken) and Capcom (Street Fighter), two different titles will be released: Tekken X Street Fighter and, you guessed it, Street Fighter X Tekken.

One of the biggest things that has distinguished these two mammoth video game franchises is that each has a very distinctive gameplay mechanic, so instead of compromising on one style of play, Namco’s version of the game will use Tekken controls while Capcom’s version will use Street Fighter controls.

Fighting games, of course, are all about pitting enemies against each other, so taking the most legendary fighting game rivals and merging them into one single experience is a monumental move for both publishers.

Apparently game development is just barely underway and it will be a while before anyone even mentions a release date, but gamers can already start practicing to make sure they can really prove whether Ryu or Hwoarang is truly the best fighter.