Steve Ballmer just can’t get no respect

It seems as if Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer just can’t get no respect – or peanut butter.

That’s right, folks.

According to TechEye’s Eva Glass, the King of Redmond recently threw an angry hissy fit in Barcelona because his favorite brand of peanut butter was nowhere to be found.

Yes, the CEO’s crack team of personal (and obviously overpaid) assistants had somehow forgotten to include the precious jar of peanut butter in Ballmer’s special travel pack.

Obviously, in a more civilized age, such an offense would be rewarded with a public beheading in the town square.

But the Great Ballmer is merciful and prefers to lead by example.

So, instead of a noisy public (and messy) execution, King Steve ordered his merry band of staffers to scour the streets and shops of Barcelona in the hopes of locating the coveted jar of peanut butter. 

Of course, none of this was done quietly. 

As Glass reports, Ballmer apparently “got a little shouty” and upset a number of Asian guests attending the GMSA conference.

“[This] all reminds us a little of a Carly Fiorina staffer when she was at HP, who insisted that Carly ‘was more important than the King of Spain,'” wrote Glass.

“[Oh], how the other half live.”