Steamy success for gamer who sold account on Ebay

Some people, it seems, can simply make money out of vapor – or, to be more precise, out of Steam – as one now ex gamer discovered when he offered up hisSteam account on eBay for a cool $1000 and managed to flog it.

Finding a way to detour digital distribution, eBay user dave311freak sold his account – valued at around $2,700 and complete with a whopping 139 game titles – for $1000, although he originally put it up for sale for just $500. Seems someone learned the joys of marketing right sharpish.

First discovered by Destructoid, freaky Dave had apparently also made a YouTube video advertising the sale of his games catalogue, which included such gaming gems as Grand Theft Auto IVModern Warfare 1 and 2Borderlands, Dragon Age and Company of Heroes, but this has sadly now been removed.Blowing hot air about the account on eBay, dave311freak boasted his Steam account had “absolutely no bans on any of the games,” was in “good standing with VAC, and any one of the games can be downloaded at any time on any computer with Steam on it.”Also, to assure potential punters he wouldn’t be muscling in on his old account, Dave said he would change all the information on the account to the bid winner’s email address, whilst also sending them a password they could change once they logged in.

But what prompted Dave to throw in his gaming towel in the first place? Well, the official reason given by the now gameless guy is that he was wasting too much time shooting it up and not enough time with family and friends, but if you ask us, it sounds like someone just got himself a girlfriend.