Star Wars is going Blu-ray

May the Force be with you! Yes, the Star Wars saga is set to be re-released in Blu-ray format, with all six movies expected to hit store shelves in Fall 2011.

George Lucas – who made the announcement at Celebration V – voiced his regret that the movies weren’t being released at an earlier date.

“I wish I could say it was coming out this year…But [the six] will come out next year.”

According to Lucas, the long-awaited boxed set is slated to feature the “highest picture and audio quality,” along with “extensive” special features.

Lucas offered fans a sneak peek of upcoming bonus material by screening a long-lost deleted scene from Return of the Jedi which depicts Luke Skywalker assembling a new, green-bladed lightsaber before infiltrating Jabba the Hutt’s palace. 

“I had the black cloak, the glove, and I thought, wow, this time around I get to be the antagonist,” explained Mark Hamill, who made a cameo appearance at the conference.

“Little did I know I was predicting the path of the prequels.”