Square Enix already talks about Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XIII is not even out in the US yet, yet publisher Square Enix has already begun talking about what direction the game’s sequel’s sequel will take. The company has already apparently begun brainstorming about what kind of game Final Fantasy XV is going to be.

In the most recent issue of British gaming magazine Xbox World 360, Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase reportedly said, “We’ve got a few ideas for Final Fantasy XV lined up, but there is no singular aim for where we want the series to go.”

Despite Square’s contention in 2007 that it might make Final Fantasy XIII a 10-year-long franchise, it has certainly been eager to introduce new titles to the “numbered” series of the Final Fantasy franchise. Sony surprised gamers across the globe at last year’s E3 trade show when it revealed Final Fantasy XIV, which will be a timed PS3 exclusive, months before Final Fantasy XIII’s release date had even been announced.

The big question is how Square plans to move forward with the series. After several years and an extraordinary budget spent on the 13th Final Fantasy installment, the publisher has declared that it will be the last “traditional” game in a franchise that dates back to 1987. The company has said that it was to explore “next generation” game mechanics and may take the series in a different direction.

“Final Fantasy can go in all directions, each one is very different from the last. The one thing we set out to do is to make sure we tell a story that hasn’t been told before,” said Kitase.