Spotify plans US launch for music streaming service

Spotify looks set to start US operations this fall, taking its music streaming service out of Europe for the first time.

Founded in 2006, Spotify is currently only available in half a dozen European countries. It carries around eight million tracks, and allows sharing of tracks and playlists.

Europe’s largest legal online music site, it has seven million users. Some pay $14.50 per month for an unlimited ad-free service, but there’s also a free service funded by advertising.

The company is now said to be in talks with several internet and phone service providers about a US launch.

“We’re buying server space in random parts of the states and there are licensing discussions too,” senior vice president Paul Brown told Bloomberg. “But they are going fine because we’re in a long-term partnership with the labels and publishers.”

Brown also said that Spotify is talking to RIM and Palm about putting the application on their smartphones. It already has applications for the iPhone and for Android and Symbian phones.

Spotify has deals with a number of music labels, although the precise details are patchy. In moving into the US, it will compete with the likes of Rhapsody and MOG.