Spore universe evolves as Maxis confirms two new titles

Chicago (IL) – Maxis, an Electronic Arts studio, has confirmed the fall release date of Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena. The new titles will be available for the Nintendo Wii and DS platforms.

According to Maxis, Spore Hero allows players to create their own hero as they embark on an epic quest to save their home world from destruction. The game features heated battles, curious puzzles and the ability to collect more than 250 parts.

Similarly, Spore Hero Arena offers players the opportunity to build a customized gladiator and fight dangerous battles on numerous planets. The multiplayer game also encourages players to complete special missions while collecting new parts and gaining unique abilities.

“When Maxis first considered bringing Spore to console players, the Nintendo platforms jumped out as a perfect fit. Whether it is the stylus-driven action of the Nintendo DS or playful controllers of the Wii, the massive Nintendo audience is the ideal home for Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena,” says Lucy Bradshaw, VP and General Manager at Maxis. “Nintendo fans will love the humor, ability to create their own Hero, fun gameplay and immersive storylines we’re creating for these two games.”

The original Spore title, released in September 2008, was designed by Will Wright and developed by Maxis. In Spore, players control the development of a species from its humble origins as a microscopic organism through its evolution into a spacefaring culture.