Spoof URL shortener gets the Bieber boot

Just when I was ready to ditch bit.ly for the brand new Justin Bieber URL shortener, my fun was cut short. 

Because almost as soon as it emerged, the URL shortener was taken down.

What made this URL shortener especially awesome was it shortened URLs to bierber.ly, then took you to a website stamped with the Bieb’s adorable face all over it.  

The pop star clearly doesn’t have a problem putting his mug on various other products ranging from nail polishes (with names like One Less Lonely Glitter and Prized Posession Purple), to Christmas stockings, and even iTouch cases.

Then why the take down?

It took Bieber’s people less than half a day to tear down the Bieber inspired URL shortener, proving that it’s not cool to use the Bieb’s likeness, unless you are paying, of course!

Although Bieber’s net worth has yet to be revealed, between the World Tours, multiple number one singles, and hard hitting duets with the likes of Usher and Ludacris, Bieber is worth a lot. 


With a powerful team behind him, it seems that camp Bieber won’t stand for any imitators, even if it is a harmless URL shortener.

(Via Mashable)