Space Invaders movie may be on the way

The 1978 arcade game Space Invaders is considered to be a true classic, but it probably hasn’t crossed the minds of too many people that it could be adapted into a full-length motion picture. However, Warner Bros is reportedly taking that leap.

Warner Bros, which purchased video game publisher Midway last year, is reportedly talking to Japanese publisher Taito (a division of Square Enix), which owns the rights to Space Invaders. According to the LA Times, the project has already garnered interest from Hollywood producer Mark Gordon, who has worked on films from Saving Private Ryan to  The Day After Tomorrow.

With little back story or complex background, a Space Invaders movie will probably have no resemblance to the game at all other than a title.

It is the latest move in a seemingly new trend to create movies based on very old arcade games. Fox is possible working on a Missile Command movie, and Universal is looking into the rights of an Asteroids movie.