Sony’s PS3 price problem

Tokyo (Japan) – A senior executive has admitted that problems at the Sony Corporation have prevented it from bundling games into a promotional package or cutting the price of the Playstation 3.

Peter Dille, interviewed by Gamasutra, said the Corporation had issued a company diktat saying “Let’s try and eke out a profit”.

Nintendo with its Wii, and Microsoft with the Xbox 360, weren’t marching to the same drumbeat, said Dille.

He also said that the Playstation 3 will be around for at least another 10 years and it will be driving the gaming industry.

Of course, the Cell microprocessor is a dandy little number, but then the Alpha microprocessor was supposed to viable at least 2025 – and that’s been long gone.

It’s an optimistic soul who can predict what’s going to happen in one year, never mind 10, in this business. More on this entertaining stuff, here, at Gamasutra.