Sony won’t force exclusivity with Blu-ray 3D content

Sony Pictures has just announced its first 3D Blu-ray title, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. And unlike other content available now, it will be available as a standalone disc.

The only Blu-ray 3D title on the market right now is Dreamworks’ Monsters vs Aliens. However, it is only available as a pack-in product with Samsung’s 3D starter kit, a $350 bundle that comes with 2 pairs of active shutter glasses. Those glasses only work with Samsung 3D TVs, effectively shutting out the movie to those with other manufacturers’ sets.

However, Sony’s first entry to the market will not force exclusivity on any manufacturer. It will be available as a packaged retail Blu-ray Disc.

In an interview with Home Media Magazine, Sony Pictures EVP of marketing Lexine Wong that that the studio “felt it was absolutely necessary to offer a standalone retail 3D version of Cloudy for our retailers and consumers who want more 3D content for their 3D TVs.”

Samsung’s deal with Dreamworks is not unique. Most confirmed 3D content is going to come exclusively to a specific brand of TV. Sony’s announcement is thus a big deal for the world of home 3D entertainment.

Wong also hinted that 3D Blu-ray movies will, as expected, carry a premium over the standard Blu-ray version of the film. This also effectively acts as confirmation that Blu-ray 3D will be a different format, forcing consumers to decide if they want a 3D Blu-ray or a standard Blu-ray.