Sony to launch 320 GB PS3 model

It never stops; console makers continue to one-up each other, and now Sony is taking it up another notch with a 320 GB hard drive.

Sony, which has released more different PS3 models than there are trees in the Amazon, currently offers two versions of the PS3 – one with a 120 GB hard drive and one with a 250 GB hard drive. On July 29, it will begin selling a 320 GB PS3 in Japan.

In addition, it will also launch a new white version of the PS3, the first time a different-colored version of the “Slim” model has been introduced, with a 160 GB hard drive.

When the Xbox 360 first launched, the highest-capacity model had a 20 GB hard drive. The high-end PS3 had a 60 GB hard drive. My how times have changed…

The 320 GB model will sell for 34,980 yen (around $400).

Currently, there are no plans to bring either model to the US, but with more and more high-capacity downloadable content being released every day, you know they’ll be stepping it up here soon.