Sony readies 3D push to kickstart flagging television sales

Sony has announced plans to shift its television business into “attack mode” by “aggressively pushing” new 3D models.

The company also confirmed plans to increase its TV shipments by 70 percent to more than 25 million units.

According to Daisuke Wakabayashi of the Wall Street Journal, Sony perceives 3D technology to be the “future driver” of growth that could potentially unite nearly every part of the “sprawling” company.

“The new 3D televisions are critical for Sony’s television business, which has been the company’s Achilles’ heel,” wrote Wakabayashi.

“The TV operations are expected to lose money for a sixth straight year in the current fiscal year ending March 31, but Sony hopes 3D interest will stimulate new demand because the technology requires the advanced hardware found in its margin-rich, premium models.”

In addition, Wakabayashi noted that a “major component” of Sony’s new strategy was the future release of a software patch which would allow the PS3 console to play 3D games and movies.

“Video games are expected to be among the more popular content available in 3D because it will be easy to convert from the current 2-D format,” he added.