Sony promises motion controller next spring as Nintendo cuts price of Wii

Sony’s become the latest console manufacturer to launch a motion-sensitive controller for its PlayStation 3, following Microsoft’s formal announcement of Project Natal earlier this week.

Like the Nintendo Wii controller, Sony’s consists of a motion sensor – the Playstation Eye – which sits on top of the television and detects the position, distance and movement of two hand-held controllers.

But the Sony version can also recognise and track the player’s face, voice and body motion and output the player’s image onto the TV screen.

It’s equipped with two motion sensors, a three-axis gyroscope and three -axis accelerometer that can detect the controller’s angle and movement held in the user’s hand. It’s also equipped with the rumble feature from the Dualshock controller.

The Motion Controller is due to launch next spring. The company’s promising a wide range of new titles to exploit the device – provisionally named the Motion Controller – next year. Working titles for these include Ape Escape, Eccentric Slider, Sing and Draw and Champions of Time.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has said that it is to cut the price of its Wii console by 20 percent in the US and Japan. From next week, it’ll cost $199. The Wii has been the best-selling console on the market, with over 50 million units shifted worldwide, but has seen sales fall over the last year.

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