Sony plans hybrid distribution model for NGP

A high-ranking Sony exec recently confirmed that the corporation is adopting a hybrid distribution model for its NGP handheld console.

As such, most NGP games will be sold via digital download and flash storage cards carried by various retail stores.  

However, certain titles will only be released in digital download format.

“One thing we learnt from PSP, is that we want to have simultaneous delivery in digital and physical for NGP. Just to clarify, all games that appear physically will be made available digitally,” House told MCV UK.

“Not necessarily all games have to be made available physically. And having the option of a digital-only method affords more creative risk-taking, and that’s because you don’t-have that in-built risk of physical inventory.”

House also confirmed that he was working with Sony Ericsson in a “number of [Android-related] areas.”

“I should stress that for [Android] PlayStation Suite to have the kind of scale for publishers to find it attractive and for us to garner a larger audience, it needs to be a multi-manufacturer device strategy. 

[That is whyl] we did want to work with a sister company in the mobile space to pioneer this.”

[Via MCV and Electronista]