Sony panics, criticizes Microsoft over Natal propaganda

An irate Sony spokesperson has harshly criticized Microsoft for broadcasting “happy, happy, joy, joy” news about Project Natal.

“I’m actually really proud of the way [we at Sony] handled [our] motion controller,” SCEA’s senior VP of publisher relations Rob Dyer told IndustryGamers.

“From Sony’s perspective, rather than go out and do a whole PR barrage to give everybody the ‘happy, happy, joy, joy’ news, we’re going to show up and have a line-up of products to show people rather than having a lot of great statements to say, ‘This is what’s going to happen’.

“And rather than us go there and pat ourselves on the back, and send out press releases talking about this; it’s going to be ‘show me.’ And that’s the deal.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan McCrea of SiliconRepublic reports that Project Natal’s motion detection capabilities are “very close” to being perfected.

“Natal knows when you are moving forwards, backwards or even turning around in a full circle, revealing a detailed understanding of the dynamics and makeup of the human body. The potential for Microsoft’s new toy can’t be underestimated,” writes McCrea.

“Consider this: before Natal, the closest game developers have come to recreating the experience of a football has been by pressing buttons with fingers and thumbs. Now you can run, kick or head the ball as you would in real life. It’s probably not 100 percent there yet, but in a very short space of time users could find themselves perfecting real-world skills in their home.”