Sony, Panasonic get into 3D content

Japanese giants Sony and Panasonic are to separately set up units to create 3D movies.

According to, a Sony subsidiary called Sony PCL has developed a system for 3D movies, along with sofware to edit the content, in the hope it will create commercials for 3D movie theaters.

And Panasonic, said, will make 3D movies in a research institute it has in Hollywood.

Japanese firm Victor has already created a 46-inch LCD screen to display 3D images but its sales targets are modest because according to the report it will only ship 2,000 screens by March next year.

3D movies have had something of a chequered career. Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein, a 3D film, could be said to give you a headache, and not just because you had to wear green and red spectacles.