Sony packages together a Blu-ray 3D World Cup film

Did you just buy a 3D TV and miss out on the chance to watch the World Cup with 3D glasses? Or maybe your cable provider didn’t haves ESPN 3D at the time. You are exactly who Sony’s upcoming documentary is for.

It’s what will likely be looked back on as THE sporting event that brought live 3D TV broadcasting to the masses for the first time, and to commemorate that, Sony has signed up to produce a 3D documentary of the global sporting event.

Sony, which nabbed global distribution rights over content related to the World Cup, has produced 64 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage to show just what goes on to bring one single sporting event to hundreds of millions of people on six different continents.

Footage of some of the greatest moments of the weeks-long competition, in 3D, will be part of the presentation. There’s also interviews and an unfettered look at the unbelievably massive production processes that went into the World Cup.

Sony’s doing all this in rapid time as they have already finished packaging the whole video together and are ready to ship out the movie on November 16.

Titled The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Film, it will be available for around $30 on Blu-ray 3D. We expect a standard Blu-ray version of the film to be available as well, but Sony is mainly touting the 3D product. That will give the company four standalone Blu-ray 3D movies available at retail by the middle of November, more than any other studio.

Other studios to plan to pump out content in time for the holiday season, but it won’t be until 2011 that the Blu-ray 3D format actually starts to grow some teeth.