Sony opens casting call for The Tester 3

Wannabe game testers, get your cell phone camcorders ready because Sony is casting for a new season of The Tester.

For those not familiar with the ridiculously over-dramatic PSP- and PS3-exclusive reality series, The Tester pits together a bunch of unemployed nerds and narrows the field down until there is one remaining victor.

The winner receives an employment contract with Sony to work as a first-party game tester, as well as relocation expenses to the San Diego area and a $5,000 cash bonus.

The contestants are narrowed down in zany elimination competitions that have previously involved shouting into a megaphone, putting on blindfolds and fat suits, and escaping an abandoned warehouse. Only in the final competition is actually playing a video game involved in the competition.

But every match has some corny connection to being a game tester, whether it’s needing to be a good communicator, think fast on your feet, or adjust to changes quickly.

This year will have a cast of 11 entrants, including – like last year – one who will be selected from the official The Tester website as the one whose audition video receives the most votes from fans.

The first season’s winner, “Cyrus,” now works as a general PR assistant for Sony. The second season winner went by the handle “Gaymer.” The new season will debut next year.