Sony moves digital Playstation Store updates to Tuesday

Beginning May 4, Sony will post weekly content updates to the online download storefronts for the PS3 and PSP on Tuesday, pushing releases forward two days from the prior Thursday updates.

Since the launch of the PS3, Sony has been offering new downloadable games, add-on content, and demos to the Playstation Store in batch updates every Thursday. However, that quickly turned into a disadvantage for the company because the Wii pushes similar updates on Monday and the Xbox 360 gets new content on Wednesdays.

Downloadable games and add-on content, like new Rock Band songs, that are made available for all platforms have thus always come out on PS3 after the other consoles get them earlier in the week.

According to Gamespot, that will change on May 4 when the Playstation Store gets its first Tuesday update. From then on, all mass content updates will occur on Tuesdays. It is the first time that any of the three big consoles has made a change to the content publishing updates.