Sony Move set to hit US shelves in September

Tired of playing with your Wii? Well, don’t worry – Sony’s Playstation Move is set to hit US shelves on September 19th.

The Move controller is priced at $50, while a bundle that includes Sports Champions, the controller and “eye” will set you back a cool $100.

Unsurprisingly, Sony will also be offering an optional navigation controller for $30, along with a brand spanking new $400 PS3 that is paired with the above-mentioned Sports Champion bundle. 

At least 15-20 Move-enabled games will be available at launch (including Killzone 3), with approximately 40 titles slated for holiday season.

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich told TG Daily that the advent of Sony’s PlayStation Move platform signaled a “true evolution” in motion based gaming.

“Move finally allows developers to create high-definition motion based games that target both the casual and core gaming audience.

“Through combining both video and motion based control, Sony’s PlayStation Move is able to immerse both the core and mainstream gamer into true high-definition motion, highly interactive gaming experiences.”