Sony debuts PS3 Motion Controller

In keeping up with Nintendo and Microsoft who launched motion sensing controllers, Sony debuted an impressive device, the PlayStation Motion Controller which works in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye during its press conference. The device is set to hit the shelves in spring 2010.

The hand-held stick-like pad equipped with a ball on the top was demoed live on stage by its creators, Dr. Richard Marx and Dr. Antony Mikhaeloff.  The motions that are made with the controller are detected by the PlayStation Eye then depicted on screen.

“This far suprasses anything you can get on the market now,” said Marx. “We’ve been hard at work on this for a few years. It’s a new set of experiences for PS3.

“Its most distinctive feature is the glowing eye that the PS Eye can track. When you’re playing RPG, for an example, you can choose fireball, and you throw to cast spell.”

The two used the device to draw, paint and battle for the audience. The device is expected to be used in FPS (first person shooter)  and sports.