Sony blatantly rejects rumors of Playstation-branded phone

High-flying rumors that Sony was working on a “PSP phone” have been put to rest by Sony, sort of…

In an interview with the Seattle Times, Sony Computer Entertainment America senior VP Peter Dille said, “No new mobile launches this year.”

That was in response to a question about the speculation that popped up last month about a mobile phone that would look and feel like a PSP but would in fact have a mobile phone antenna and Google’s Android operating system.

Although most suggested it would be a genius move for Sony, and the idea spread that the device was heading for a 2010 release, it doesn’t seem to be in the company’s immediate pipeline.

But of course, Dille didn’t stamp out the idea completely. He just said that Sony’s Playstation brand is not putting out any new devices “this year.” He didn’t outright turn away the idea of a Playstation phone.

“Our strategy is to maintain the PlayStation brand on Sony devices and provide experiences that are exclusive and proprietary,” added Dille.

The last mobile hardware launch for Sony Computer Entertainment, the PSPgo, was an unmitigated disaster. Surely Sony wants to be extra careful before it goes beyond its normal scope again to avoid a similar backlash.