Sony apologizes for PS3 NFL streaming flub

It wasn’t a great game day for PS3 users who signed up for the console’s unprecedented live streaming NFL subscription package.

Sony unveiled last month that it would allow its console owners to pay $339.95 and in return be able to watch every single NFL game without needing to switch away from their PS3.

It’s a partnership with DirecTV, which has a deal with the NFL and manages the NFL Sunday Ticket subscription service. Until this season, you needed to be a DirecTV subscriber to get that unlimited access.

So gamers rejoiced this past weekend when the football season kicked off, but the rejoicing quickly died, as users who logged onto the PS3 app were greeted with an error message instead of a football game.

DirecTV punted the problem to Sony, which was less than forthcoming with information. Users were able to tune in a bit later, but several of the PS3’s boasted features that provide interactivity to the games were disabled.

All issues seemed to have been resolved by the end of the day. But for a service that costs more than $300 for one season, any flub like that is costly, especially considering the hype that surrounds opening day.

So to make up for it, Sony is automatically issuing Playstation Network vouchers to PS3 Sunday Ticket subscribers. The voucher codes will appear in each user’s PSN message inbox, and can be redeemed for other PS3 content like games and movies.

Hopefully all the kinks are worked out now, and this won’t continue to be an issue as the NFL season progresses.