Sony admits PSPgo was confusing, too expensive

In a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) SVP of publisher relations admitted that the company’s slim and digital-download-only PSPgo device did “confuse” consumers and “the higher price point didn’t help matters”.

Speaking to online trade publication Industry Gamers, SCEA’s Rob Dyer tried to reiterate the reasoning behind the new game device. “We wanted to find a way to give the consumers what they want, so if they didn’t want to go to a retailer they could stay at home and download [content]. And we were hoping really to eliminate the piracy issue,” he said.

However, he also noted, “Did the PSPgo confuse [consumers]? Yeah, I think the higher price point didn’t help matters any either.” Dyer went on to say that Sony will do work to help better educate consumers about the handheld.

The device, which is smaller than previous PSP models, has no UMD slot, and is priced at a barrier-worthy $250, drew a lot of criticism from gaming consumers. Many simply did not understand what the value of the new device was.

However, Sony remains committed to the PSPgo. With its built-in 16GB of storage, Bluetooth compatibility, and the ability to create save states in any game, there are differentiating features that make it worth a second look.