Sonic the Hedeghog classic may look forward to 3D return

Old-school gamers will unite if a new rumor about everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog is true

When we’re talking about 3D here, we don’t mean the kind you need 3D glasses for, but rather the different between Sonic the Hedgehog on Genesis and Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast.

Sonic devotees may remember that in Sonic Adventure 2, one of the biggest unlockable features was a completely remade version of Green Hill Zone, the flagship level from the very first Sonic game. And for the most part, gamers had nothing but starry-eyed praise for the brilliantly redesigned piece of old-school history.

Word on the street is that Sega let the cat out of the bag on Sonic Anniversary at a European show called Gamefest. It’ll contain a handful of the all-time favorite Sonic levels spanning the franchise’s 20+ year history, with the levels being remade to take advantage of current-gen technology.

Obviously Sega has not officially confirmed the game and we’ve heard nothing about it before, but if they want a cash cow a game like this is a total no-brainer.