Snoop Dogg goes to Rock Band, will become easiest vocals ever

Get ready to Drop It Like It’s Hot, because Snoop Dogg is coming to Rock Band, making it the first entertainment product to have both Hannah Montana and Snoop Dogg in the same track list.

Snoop will become the first rapper to appear with downloadable content (DLC) in the Rock Band series. That’s probably because most rap music is just a lot of vocal rambling over the same three-second musical loop. Not exactly the kind of songs that would be fun to play.

Nevertheless, Snoop Dogg will be coming out for the wildly successful music game next Tuesday. For the first time, tone deaf people will be able to score well. You’ll probably just need to speak into the microphone to get the pitch meter to accept it.

Eight Dogg songs will be part of the update, including Drop It Like It’s Hot, Sensual Seduction, and Who Am I (What’s My Name)?

Rock Band is the longest-running game to have received new DLC every single week since its launch, nearly three years ago. Over a thousand songs are available with artists covering nearly all genres from country, rock, metal, oldies, and now rap.