Skank blogger demands $15 million from Google

New York (NY) – The delightful woman behind the Skanks of New York blog is demanding $15 million damages from Google, the company that hosted her rants against her ex-friend, Canadian model Liskula Cohen. Google is accused of ‘breaching its fiduciary duty to protect her expectation of anonymity’.

And in a rather bizarre statement, Rosemary Port says Cohen herself is to blame for the row in which Port referred to her as an old hag, a ho and a psychotic, lying, whoring skank.

“This has become a public spectacle and a circus that is not my doing,” Port told the New York Daily News. “By going to the press, she defamed herself.” 

The unemployed 29 year old claimed that before Cohen filed a $3 million defamation suit against her (which Cohen subsequently dropped): “There were probably two hits on my Web site: One from me looking at it, and one from her looking at it. That was before it became a spectacle. I feel my right to privacy has been violated.

“I feel proud to live in a country where you’re not persecuted for your opinions,” Port added. “That right has to be protected.”

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