Sims creator leaves Electronic Arts, joins gaming think tank

Chicago (IL) – Will Wright, designer of such popular games as The Sims, SimCity and Spore, announced yesterday that he will be leaving Electronic Arts to run Stupid Fun Club, an entertainment “think tank” which he created in 2001 to help develop properties for video games, movies, television and even Web-based toys.

Wright will make an equity investment of an unspecified amount into the think tank as he joins up. His feelings on the rapid movement of the entertainment industries, in light of new technologies, were very pronounced in his departing statements.

Wright said, “The entertainment industry is moving rapidly into an era of revolutionary change. Stupid Fun Club will explore new possibilities that are emerging from this sublime chaos and create new forms of entertainment on a variety of platforms.”

His plans to leave his friends and co-workers do not seem permanent, as he also said, “In my twelve years at EA, I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside some of the brightest and most talented game developers in the industry and I look forward to working with them again in the near future.” [Our italics. -Editor]

EA has endured eight fiscal loss quarters in a row, and has fallen from its former #1 spot. The company now plans to close 12 facilities. Over the past year, the company announced it would reduce its workforce, first by 6%, later by 10% and its most recent revision is 11% (1,100 people) given after posting their most recent fiscal 3Q results, which showed revenue of $1.65 billion and a net loss of $641 million.

Wright’s departure is viewed as a very significant blow to EA, and is something he’s considered heavily for over a year. Stupid Fun Club is headquartered in Berkeley, CA and reportedly has nine employees.

See the original AFP article republished on Yahoo News.