Simpsons Nut goes Sleepless in Springfield

A Simpsons fan is attempting to set a world record by watching all 451 episodes of the cartoon series back to back.


Glyn Stott, from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the TV show by watching more than 150 hours of the animated family’s adventures. If he manages to stay awake through every episode shown since January 1990 plus the feature film, he will earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The current record for television watching is four days, set by a US viewer. Officials will monitor his progress throughout the six day marathon to make sure he keeps his eyes open.

Said Stott: “I’m a huge fan of the show and I’ve seen every episode but watching them continuously for almost a week will be a feat of endurance. The judges have to make sure my eyes are firmly fixed on the screen – I have to be seen to be concentrating all the way through.”

To say Stott is something of a Simpsons fan is a bit of an understatement – he reckons he’s spent over $150,000 on merchandise from the show including a donut maker and life-sized models of the characters.

Added Stott: “To start with I wasn’t sure, I couldn’t understand why the characters were yellow – it was all a bit strange. But I soon fell in love with the show and I watch it every day – sometimes twice. The Simpsons are a major part of my life and I’ve got the T-shirt, the wristwatch, and the figurines to prove it.”

Stott will get a 20 minute break after every three episodes but even when using an exercise bike or eating, he must keep his eyes on the TV at all times.

A spokesman for the show’s producer, Fox, said: “Nearly a week without sleep watching TV – Homer would be proud of him.”