Sheen’s "A Piece of My Mind" hits $2,500 on e-Bay

Twenty years ago, a rather introspective (but hardly sober) Charlie Sheen self-published a book of poetry entitled “A Peace of My Mind.”

Long out of print, the volume contains deep musings about dead souls, dates gone wrong, heavy drinking and lonely, dark nights.

Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

While hardly a literary masterpiece, an autographed copy of the book is now selling for a cool $2,500 (as of 8:30AM PST) on eBay.

“This self-published book contains over 80 poems related to death, sex, drugs, ground zero, and blondes… Plus so much more. It is certainly a must have for any Charlie Sheen fan or collector,” reads an official eBay description.

“Never sold in stores, this self-published book contains the personal inscription which reads ‘Keep it simple, Keep it honest, Keep it Personal –  God Bless –  Love & Peace – Charlie Sheen 12/96.'”

Oh, and “A Peace of My Mind” also features illustrations by writer/director/Sheen-pal Adam Rifkin.

So, are you interested in owning this er, fascinating piece of Americana?

If so, you can place your bid here.