SGN launches Android-to-iPhone aerial deathmatch

Are you an Android enthusiast with an itchy trigger finger who is just dying to put Apple fanbois in their place?

Well, now you can – with SGN’s “Skies of Glory.”

First launched on iPhone in December 2009, SGN’s hit game is now available for the latest Android-based smartphones, including the EVO, Nexus and Droid.

“For Android-based gamers, ‘Skies of Glory’ [provides] the same intense, stunning gameplay enjoyed by iPhone and iPod touch players. Set in World War II, the game features authentic planes from the era competing in multiplayer dogfights over stunning terrains, including mountain ranges, deserts, islands and oceans,” explained SGN CEO Randy Breen.

“[Of course], Android gamers not only join the action, but can play against their iPhone-carrying friends. And in multiplayer game mode, an Android-based player can spot, engage and shoot down an iOS-based player.”

Breen added that mobile phones, such as Android-based devices and the iPhone, “unquestionably” represented the gaming platform of the future.

“Smartphones are becoming accessible to all and we are really excited to offer a true multi-platform, multiplayer social mobile gaming experience.

“[So], as more and more people connect with family and friends through gaming, we continue to facilitate that connection regardless of users’ device or platform preferences.”