Sexy Russian spy hits Moscow bank

Sexy Russian spy and wannabe tech-guru Anna Chapman has been hired by Moscow’s FondServisBank (FSB).

“We [have] acquired an exceptionally creative – and what is of equal importance – [a] multifaceted employee who is truly concerned about the fate of Russia,” the FSB confirmed in an official statement obtained by the Associated Press. 

The prestigious financial institution also stated that it had brought Chapman on board so that she could further “innovate” existing information technologies.  

Ironic, eh?

Because, as we all know by now, the sultry Chapman was recently busted by the FBI after sending encrypted data to Russian officials using a Wi-Fi equipped laptop in a boutique Manhattan coffee shop.

And it didn’t take all that much effort for the Feds to figure out what was going on, either. 

No, Chapman’s data transfers were tracked and unceremoniously intercepted by the Feds using commercial wireless analysis software.

Still, Chapman is obviously quite well connected in Moscow, so if it doesn’t work out at FSB, well, we’re sure that she’ll have other, even more lucrative offers thrown her way.

Besides, the lovely Chapman is already hard at work on a book about the “new possibilities” offered by the Internet.

While it is doubtful that Ms. Chapman will be allowed back into the States to promote her finely crafted Magnum Opus, we at TG Daily are certainly looking forward to receiving a signed copy of the book.

Oh, and yes, we promise not to sell it on e-Bay.