Sega is coding an Alien console game

Sega is coding a new “console core” game based on the classic sci-fi franchise Alien. But what about the lovely Ellen Ripley and loyal android Ash?

Unfortunately, there seems to be more questions than answers at this stage about the (as yet) unnamed title.

For example, while we do know that Sega wants the game to be a “peer” to Dead Space 2, the company refused to confirm a specific genre or what characters will be included. 

Meaning, Alien could be either a FPS (likely), an RTS (unlikely, though plausible), or an hybrid mashup of the two (purely speculative).

It also remains unclear if Sega-owned Creative Assembly studios will be creating a PC version of the game for those who are vehemently opposed to consoles.

Still, Sega appears to be taking the “triple-A project” quite seriously, as the corporation instructed the UK-based CA to ramp up production and expands its staff from 160 to 200.

“I’m told they’re adamant they’ll take their time over it, having felt that Viking: Battle for Asgard perhaps didn’t get all the resources it needed,” said Alec Meer, who writes for Rock, Paper & Shotgun

“[Apparently], they’ve been playing with the concept to varying degrees for around three years already, since Viking launched.”

Interestingly enough, news of the new game comes, well, years after Gearbox announced Aliens: Colonial Marines, an Unreal Engine 3-based FPS  published by Sega.

Although Colonial Marines has reportedly been delayed multiple times, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford insists development of the game continues.

Nevertheless, little has been heard about the project since the 2010 Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), when Gearbox showcased five new purported screenshots.