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Scott’s Antarctic diaries posted on Twitter

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The diary of Antarctic explorer Captain Scott is being posted on Twitter.

The Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge plans to release the diaries daily in the usual 140-character posts, chronicling the ill-fated expedition in real time, as it happened 99 years ago.

“By republishing the entries as a daily blog, we hope to give the reader new insights into the scale and scope of Scott’s experience,” it says.

The expedition started out with everything in apple-pie order.

The first entry, written in New Zealand on November 26 1910, reads: “We advertised our start at 3pm, and at three minutes to that hour the Terra Nova pushed off from the jetty. A great mass of people assembled.”

The diary ends on 29 March 1912, when all five of the explorers died just 11 miles from a stash of food and fuel.