Samsung starts offering streaming 3D content

Consumers with a Samsung 3D TV can now watch a limited amount of 3D content for free.

All it requires is an Internet connection. Once users log into their TV’s “Internet TV” menu, they can download an app called Explore 3D. The app, which has so far been a very limited test with just a couple movie trailers, is now loaded with TV shows and a lot more trailers.

“Once consumers experience the wonder of immersive 3D that we deliver on Samsung 3D LED and 3D Plasma TVs, they generally crave all the 3D content they can get their hands on,” said John Revie, senior vice president of Home Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. “We decided to expand our Explore 3D App with both free content and – coming soon – feature films in order to meet this growing demand”

The 3D app is powered by RoxioNow, a leader in on-demand movie and TV show streaming. Among the content available is an extensive collection of shows from WealthTV.

WealthTV CEO Robert Herring said in a statement, “Samsung is providing the ultimate 3D experience to consumers – from a broad range of quality 3D TVs to compelling 3D content via Samsung’s Explore 3D application. WealthTV is pleased to have a number of complete shows available via Samsung’s Explore 3D offering.”

Samsung is the market share leader in 3D TV, but it now has a lot of competition not only from companies with similar TV offerings like Panasonic and Sony, but also from LG and others that have introduced competing 3D technologies.