Sadie Hawkins does it her way

Frank Sinatra may have done it his way, but now the spirit of Sadie Hawkins (no, not Sophie B. Hawkins) is doing it HerWay. That’s right, ladies!

HerWay takes the “Sadie Hawkins” approach to online dating by placing women in charge of initiating a connection, thereby providing unprecedented privacy during the long search for the elusive Mr. Right.

“It is at least five times more likely that online daters will successfully connect when a woman initiates contact,” HerWay CEO Chris Dunn told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“So, by letting women make the initial connection with their potential suitors, HerWay creates an environment where women’s intuition rules and connections therefore have a much better chance of turning into love.”

According to Dunn, the HerWay concept is “mutually beneficial” as it also “relieves men” of the pressure of having to compete for a woman’s attention.

“For the 40 million singles currently dating online, the process can be frustrating at best. [Take] other [more traditional] sites like, [where] women are inundated with unsolicited messages from men competing for their attention.

“[This] makes them stop checking their messages and, in turn, frustrates the men because of the lack of responses. [Such a] dating environment overwhelms both sexes to the point that many simply give up on online dating. These issues are exactly what HerWay aims to solve.”